Pitt Game Tifo

Traitors and Liars

Our tifo on Tuesday night received some coverage in the DC Sports Bog. Here’s a little background information:

We faced Pitt in our Big East home opener, and this was the perfect opportunity to send a message to them and their Chancellor Mark Nordenberg. During the early stages of realignment they were perhaps the harshest public critics of the schools that departed the conference. Nordenberg’s University of Pittsburgh and four other Big East football schools filed a lawsuit against Miami, Boston College and the ACC in 2003. Nordenberg said the following at the time:

“I want to emphasize that this is not a normal case of member withdrawal from an athletic conference. This is a case that involves broken commitments, secret dealings, breaches of fiduciary responsibility, the misappropriations of conference opportunities and predatory attempts to eliminate competition.” Read more here.

Nordenberg claimed that he was committed to the Big East and the future of the conference. However, as soon as he possibly could he was also secretly working to secure a place for his school in the same conference he has just filed a lawsuit against.

As Chadd Scott writes, “In the history of conference realignment no one’s actions may be dirtier than Mark A. Nordenberg’s”. There has been a lot of dirty dealing since conference realignment began, but this man and his university are among the worst offenders. We will certainly not miss scum like this.

Although the game did not produce the result we had hoped for, the tifo and the support in Section 118 for all 40 minutes was certainly a bright spot. We are Forever Loyal to the Blue and Gray, win or lose, and that will never change.