Beginning in 1866, when all Georgetown students were required to study Greek and Latin, the University’s athletic teams were nicknamed “The Stonewalls.” Years later, the story goes, a student combined Greek and Latin terms into the cheer “Hoya Saxa!,” which translates into “What Rocks!” The name proved popular and the term “Hoyas” was eventually adopted for all Georgetown teams.

Based in Section 118, the Stonewalls are a supporter club for Georgetown Men’s Basketball. We have long been dedicated to Georgetown Basketball and want to pay respect to those who laid the foundation for our fandom much like the original Stonewalls did for the Hoyas nearly 150 years ago.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide support for the team while fostering community among fans. We primarily aim to demonstrate our support at home games through spirit activities including but not limited to cheers,songs, banners and flags. Planning and creating these displays in online discussions and in-person events will help us create community while doing so.

We hope to build a fan community that excites and engages the whole D.C. metropolitan area — building strong and valuable connections between the Georgetown community members and the people of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

To that end, Stonewalls will forge partnerships with like-minded entities such as local University, community and non-profit groups, among others.

Section 118