A selection of our signature tifo, or choreographed displays, in Section 118.

12/5/2015 vs. Syracuse - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Pick Your Nose

2/17/2015 vs. St. John's - Sweater Game

12/10/2014 vs. Kansas - Jayhawk Hunt

Here’s a great video of our animated “Jayhawk Hunt” tifo – what we believe to be the first animated tifo at a college basketball game.

(Video credit to Pam Chvotkin)

Here’s a video with sound via Christine Burns (you can hear the band helping us out with the “shots”)

2/8/2014 vs. Butler - Once King, Always King

 1/18/2014 vs. Seton Hall - Forever Our Home

3/9/2013 vs. Syracuse - Our Hatred Is Eternal

2/11/2013 vs. Marquette - Basketball Is Our Religion

2/2/2013 vs. St. Johns - 1789

 1/30/2013 vs. Seton Hall - Hoya Saxa

1/8/2013 vs. Pittsburgh - Traitors And Liars Will Not Be Missed

11/30/2012 vs. Tennessee - Forever Loyal To The Blue and Gray