Hoyas Scarf

Along with the original Georgetown Scarf, the Hoyas Scarf has become a staple of gameday apparel for Hoya fans. Whether you're attending the game in person or watching on TV, you're sure to see countless alumni and fans wearing the scarf to show their Georgetown pride.

Use it as a rally towel, hold it over your head as a sign of solidarity with the team, or wear it to stay warm on a cold winter day, there are countless options. It's also a great choice for Hoyas who want to show their support, but can't deck themselves head to toe in Georgetown gear at work. There’s simply no better way to show your love for the Blue and Gray, so get one for yourself or a friend today!

Product Info

Jacquard Knit Scarves made using 100% acrylic material. The Hoyas Scarf is based on the same design as the original, but with the blue and gray colors reversed, HOYAS spelled out across the middle and the G Logo at the ends of the scarf.